A Transcriptome Atlas Database for Mouse Embryo
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Top Recent Annotations
Gene SymbolAnnotations
Pou3f3 345 / 45
Kremen1 321 / 40
Serpine2 311 / 53
Tpm1 300 / 31
Cspg2 300 / 48
Slc44a1 243 / 35
Slc26a7 239 / 39
EG434907 237 / 30
Lrp5 236 / 34
Fzd3 235 / 32

Project Progress
Report date: 18/09/2023
RNA in-situ assays: 19440
Annotated assays: 15775

Eurexpress now incorporates version 7.0 of the Biomart data management system.
An Anatomy Atlas is now available.
Research Paper available on PlosBiology.
Annotation Highlights
Gene Expression Details for: Pou3f3
Description: POU domain, class 3, transcription factor 3
Template Id: T55158
Assay Id: euxassay_019559
Annotations: 345/45
Expression Levels 

Gene Expression Details for: Kremen1
Description: kringle containing transmembrane protein 1
Template Id: T71052
Assay Id: euxassay_019790
Annotations: 321/40
Expression Levels 

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