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EURExpress Template ID: T2207
Clone ID E2207
Template ID T2207
Template Generating Unit M
Plate 25
Well B03
Clone image 922416
Gene symbol Leng9
Gene description leukocyte receptor cluster (LRC) member 9 (Leng9)
Aliases 9530024C23Rik, F630035L11Rik
Entrez gene ID 243813
Entrez ID version  
mRNA reference sequence NM_175529
Entrez accession ID version  
ENSEMB transcript ID  
Transcript version 29
ENSEMB gene ID  
Gene version 29
Template status OK
Working reference  
Sequence Status  
Plasmid name pT7T3D-PacI
Promoter to generate antisense probe T3
Antisense promoter primer sequence AATTAACCCTCACTAAAGGGAGA
Forward and reverse primers position  
Forward and reverse primer sequences  

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