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EURExpress Template ID: T11
Clone ID E11
Template ID T11
Template Generating Unit M
Plate 1
Well A11
Clone image 793227
Gene symbol Sp6
Gene description trans-acting transcription factor 6 (Sp6)
Aliases Epfn, Klf14, 1110025J03Rik
Entrez gene ID 83395
Entrez ID version  
mRNA reference sequence NM_031183
Entrez accession ID version  
ENSEMB transcript ID ENSMUST00000047997
Transcript version 29
ENSEMB gene ID ENSMUSG00000038560
Gene version 29
Template status OK
Working reference  
Sequence Status  
Plasmid name pBluescribe (modified)
Promoter to generate antisense probe T3
Antisense promoter primer sequence AATTAACCCTCACTAAAGGGAGA
Forward and reverse primers position  
Forward and reverse primer sequences  

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